Our Faculty

Barrister Shayaan Essa

Assistant Professor
LLM Masters in Law - Harvard Law School
Bar Vocational Course (Bar at Law)
LLB (Hons) - University of London
Arabic & Islamic Law - University of Islamic Sciences

Mr. Shayaan specializes in comparative common law and Islamic law having qualified as both an English lawyer and an Islamic scholar, and practiced law in both Pakistan and the UAE. Shayaan has held appointments as senior lecturer for law at the Institute of Business Management and as tutor for European Union law. He has published on constitutional law and on statutory interpretation in eminent Pakistani law journals and is presently working on a monograph comparing Istehsan (juristic preference in Islam) with Equity in English law.

Prior to academia, he served as an associate to former Federal minister for law Mr. Khalid Anwer before moving on to hold positions as a legal adviser at Pakistan’s largest Islamic bank and an associate with a top Emirati law firm in Dubai. At the LLB he graduated top of his class and received the University of London External Programme's High Achiever Award for Pakistan. He also qualified as a Sharia scholar with grade ‘Outstanding’ receiving Ijaza in all six authentic books of Hadith from eminent scholars. He is particularly interested in the intersection between Islamic law and the interaction between states based on public international law and modern political theory, and aims to further his academic career with a PhD. He is fluent in Arabic and speaks good French.

He is teaching Introduction to Islamic Law and EU Law at Themis School of Law in the Academic Session 2021-2022.