Welcome to Themis School of Law

Themis School of Law is Karachi’s premier law school, which has, within a short span of time, carved its name as an institution which provides unparalleled learning opportunities for its students. We are known to provide a highly inspiring and supportive environment in which to study law and to develop as a confident young professional.

Themis (pronounced: thee-mis) is an ancient Greek term relating to law, fairness, justice and provider of good counsel. The common representation of the term can be seen outside courtrooms in the form of a blindfolded lady holding scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other. The term 'Themis' accordingly embodies the philosophy of our institution. At Themis School of Law, our mission is the education and training of students in a progressive and innovative manner in order that they become outstanding lawyers and leaders in their chosen profession and thereby make a valuable contribution to our society.

The law programme at Themis School of Law consistently receives high ratings for its teaching quality and innovative and progressive approach towards legal education. The lectures and seminars are conducted by academics and leading practicing lawyers who are experts in their field, and are supplemented by tutorial which are focused on exam preparation and success. Although, we take pride in having the best academic faculty, we nevertheless also have a stringent quality assurance mechanism which means that the teaching is constantly being monitored by the management to ensure that you receive relevant and focused learning material.

In addition, our distinguishing factor is our focus and emphasis on skills development and not merely on absorption and memorisation of information. We seek to instill all the traditional skills of a lawyer, such as critical analysis, problem-solving and written and oral presentation in our students, which are required of a qualified lawyer right after completion of their legal studies. With an outlook towards future employability and to develop competent graduates, with requisite skills and knowledge, we have pioneered and introduced supplementary law programmes such as the Pakistani Legal Skills Course, Themis Law Clinic, Critical Thinking & Analysis Sessions, Moot Court Competitions, Criminal Mock Trials, Legal Show and regular visits to the courts.

The supplementary law programmes are conducted alongside our core curriculum and guarantees that our students think and act like lawyers from day one and are prepared to stand out in today’s competitive legal environment.

We also take your career aspirations very seriously and therefore have a dedicated department for career services and employability, which guides you at every step regarding your postgraduate study options, including BPTC, LPC, LLM, as well as assisting you with placements in law firms for internship and jobs.

However, Themis is not just about academics; it is equally important that you take time out from your studies and enjoy your university life. To this end, the Themis Law Society, a student-led society arranges various activities throughout the academic year, including beach trips, musical evening, games night and other activities for the entire student body. You also have the choice of running for elections and having a say in the student affairs! Moreover, there are numerous other student-led societies and clubs on campus, including Music Society, Sports Society, Drama Society which you can join and arrange activities therein.

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