The Themis Law Library is home to one of the largest collection of law books, legal journals and other reference material on various areas of law. It is the heartbeat of scholarly activity where students and faculty come together to share the use of the library’s collections and services.

All of our student can avail the study spaces which are especially designed for quietude and a studious environment perfect for learning. Wi-Fi, computers, and printing service are also present for all students, making Themis Law Library ideal for research and studies.

Themis Law Library features all the relevant textbooks, casebooks, and the latest statute books on all University of London courses, including Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Islamic Law, Commercial Law, Labour Laws, International Protection of Human Rights, International Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property, Company Law, Jurisprudence and many more. In addition, the library holds for each subject not just the primary reading, but also all supplementary and recommended reading textbooks required for the University of London law degree.

Themis Law Library also has a collection of Pakistani law textbooks, casebooks, legal journals, and statute books. At Themis Law Library you will always find a book you need. Students may also gain access to Pakistan Law Site for online access to Pakistani law cases and statutes.